Friday, November 25, 2011

Pet Portraits

This past year or so, I have been asked repeatedly for pet portraits 
done in my children's illustrative style...

So, after much debate, I have decided to offer
custom pet portraits!

Options are as follows:

4x6 - $25
5x7 - $40
8x10 - $50

(will go larger, but cost will depend on number of pets and size requested)

All I need is 2 - 5 pictures of pet(s)
A short description about what makes this pet unique.

Easy, right!!!

I will be taking orders for Xmas until Dec. 14th.


  1. I'll tell everyone I know about this, Nikki. I would SO LOVE to get my cat CJ done -- or even Denny. You did Belle really cute in Lemur Troops & Critter Groups. She made a perfect kitty cop!

  2. Thanks Rena! I also have my new Etsy shop open... I have prints for sale there now!! And I hope to put the Pet Portrait up there too soon!