The Learnalot's

The Learnalot's from BrightStart Learning!

Bo - Reading
Unlock the magic of the alphabet! 
Join word-loving Bo for an exploration of letter shapes, sounds and word play.

Leo - Science
Explore the wonderful world of science. Help Leo sleuth out the answers to scientific questions, investigate geology, weather, and seasons - all while building early inquiry skills.

Flora - Nature
Head outside to explore wildlife and more - from bugs to birds, soil to seeds, and tortoise to trees! Flora helps uncover the creatures, cycles and seasons of the natural world.

Kit - Math
Go on the prowl for numbers and shapes with Kit. She is crazy for math! Hunt down new skills in counting and ordering. Practice measuring, spotting shapes and writing numbers.

Piper - Music
Sing and dance! Join Piper for a toe-tapping, head-bobbing explorations of music and movement. 
Wiggle your way to learning about dance, rhythm and musical instruments!

Scout - Health
Grab your sneakers and super-charge your health and fitness with Scout! He'll show you how to eat healthy and enjoy exercise by joining in sports and active games.

Zak - Creativity
Paint, draw and play! Zak is full of zany ideas for experiencing art and dramatic play. 
Ignite imagination as Zak helps you dabble with colors, practice drawing skills and play make-believe!

Sofie- Social Skills
Make friends with Sofie. She knows how to use good manners and kind words. 
With Sofie as your guide, learn about friendship, family and the people in your neighborhood!

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