Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Kasey!!!

My very special pup, turns 1 today!

Kasey came into our lives unplanned and he was in such bad shape when Ananke and I decided to try and save him... He was abused, hungry and scared of everything, especially people!

Today, he is still very untrusting of strangers and doesn't really want too much attention from people (besides me), but he has accomplished so much of his anxieties and fears and is an amazing dog!

75 lbs of energy, spunk and EARS! 

I am so glad Ananke and I were able to step up and help 
show him that life doesn't have to be so bad!!!

We love you K-Pup!

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  1. Kasey is beautiful! It's heartwarming to know that you and Ananke saved him. We just adopted two new cats from the shelter. My dog Zoe is very slowly warming up. Happy Birthday Kasey!