Thursday, August 20, 2015

Across the Bridge To Wander - St. Ignace and Castle Rock

Tuesday, August 4 - 2015

A light breakfast before heading out to wander around and see what we might find. 
Stopped first at the Camp Store and bought my first patch of the trip. (Yes, I collect patches of places I go and sew them on Army Surplus bags, now being turned into camera bags!) 

As we leave the campground we all notice signs of an Antique Sale at the local HS put on by the local Women's Club. So off we go to see if there are any treasures to be had. 
I found a small Mackinaw City Pennant from the 1950's. That will be sewn on like a patch!

Now onto the adventure for the day, but first to cross the Mackinac Bridge for the first time this trip! 
What a bridge! They say the biggest in North America. Finished in 1957. 
We went to the Bridge Museum above Mama Mia's Pizza the night before! 

 Crossing the bridge for the first time this trip! It's more than 4 miles long!

On to the little town of St. Ignace. Such a cute little sailboat town. We stopped to eat a Whitefish sandwich at this adorable, home turned to restaurant, The House Restaurant, on top of a hill in town. GORGEOUS views while we sat and ate lunch. 
There is a cute little lighthouse in town there, in the marina of sailboats.

 The eagle totem welcoming us to climb, Castle Rock!

Awesome tourist stop sign!
$1.00 to gain admission to CLIMB over 200 VERY steep, OLD stairs to get to the top 
of Castle Rock. Bonus was, after the climb down, they had an AWESOME gift shop. 
More patches!!!! 

 Midway up the climb, and peering through the trees to look out at Lake Huron! 
Oh the water was the most gorgeous blues and so crystal clear! 
It truly made me miss being near water! If it weren't for the COLD, snowy winters,
 I would live up there!

 Reached the top, and I am still in LOVE with the views of the water. 
Here you see Mackinac Island in the distance. 
JC was shooting the drop down off the rock, I was shooting out, but caught him in action. 
(I like shooting pics of him taking pictures...) :)

 Had to get a shot of him looking to the west into the beginning of the UP. 
The greens meeting the blues, just had me in love! 

I did shoot a picture of the tip of Castle Rock, looking down into the abyss! 
Just like fountains, people toss coins on the point, 
for good luck or to symbolize someone had been there.  

 The clouds were tremendous during our entire trip. We had the BEST weather!
I just love seeing the sailboats on the water and the clouds in this picture!

And here, after the climb back down, you have Castle Rock. 
There are tons of interesting rock formations through the UP.  
Just popping out of all the green forestry. 

We drove on down to a little town of Hessel. We would be back later in the week to spend time at a neat event here. Today we just wanted to drive and take in the scenic atmosphere. 
Back to camp for some dinner and a fire with some of JC's WI family who stopped to stay a few nights...

Great first day!

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