Friday, June 3, 2011

First Fabulous Friday!!!

I am back to blogging!

I have decided to start a weekly blog post, I am calling
Fabulous Fridays!
Why, because we all love when Friday's come, it almost always means,
it's time for the weekend to begin, right?!

In my Friday posts, you will find art of some sort that I have done this week
(and can share) as well as, three positive things that happened to me this week,
and maybe (if it were to happen) I will share a not so positive happening!

For my first post, I have decided to share with you a page from my sketchbook and tell you a little about it... I have a few sketchbooks that I have filled with phrase's, words or short sentences. The idea is to sketch whatever comes to mind once I read the page... Good practice for one who has to visually interpret another's words for a living, huh?! It also allows me to spend time thinking about the illustration and not so much on asking myself, what should I draw... Motivation at it's simplest, yet finest point. Or so I think!!!

This piece is "Five Monkey's Jumping on the Bed" (we all know the song!)

3 Positives

1. On Saturday, I finished digging, stamping and putting down pavers to extend my patio at my new condo. It has added a lot more room to have friends over for a fire, conversation and BBQ. Ananke and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending some relaxation time out there this week!!! I even made her a dog lounge out of two bench cushions sewn together,
and she likes it!!!

2. Started a new workout regime!
On Thursday, I did my first morning session of Yoga. And though, at the moment I am very clumsy with it, I found that about 30 minutes after the workout ended I had a rush of energy that lasted through out the day! Today I got back on the Spin Bike and rode for 30 min!
Hoping this will be the last renovation for awhile! LOL

3. Received a call just this morning from the foster mother of two very scared, white german shepherd pups who are going to be looking for a new forever home. We talked for over an hour and Ananke and I are going to take a short Road Trip tomorrow to meet one of the boys.
He is going to need LOTS AND LOTS of love, patience and understanding, but Ananke and I are excited to show him just how wonderful a dog's life can be! Hoping to see how they do together and hoping that maybe we can be a forever home for one of the boys in a month or two!!!

And NO unpositives to report this week!!!
(Is that even a word?!)

Have a great week all!!!

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